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28-Jan-2018 08:51

Budanov also enjoys strong support among the Russian population, who have long viewed Chechens as sub-human.

In a recent poll by the Public Opinion Foundation, 50 per cent of respondents wanted the trial stopped and Budanov released, compared with 19 per cent who were opposed.

They refer to themselves as Vainakhs (which means "our people" in Chechen) or Nokhchiy (pronounced Chechen and Ingush peoples are collectively known as the Vainakh.

The majority of Chechens today live in the Chechen Republic, a subdivision of the Russian Federation.

The extension of tolerance is notoriously selective, and necessarily selective, for if tolerance is mandatory, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech is forbidden, which is not very tolerant at all.

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This year she started a personal project entitled "Goodbye My Chechnya" documenting the lives of young Chechen women as they come of age in the aftermath of war.

The first two propositions superficially sound like a commitment to the scientific method – but somehow they have left out evidence, experiment, and observation.

After dismissing religion, the Enlightenment demands adherence to three blatantly false religious beliefs, which beliefs contradict reason, experiment and observation far more blatantly than young earth creationism does.

Now he spends his days sitting in a steel-barred cage in a courtoom in the city of Rostov in southern Russia, where he is accused of the brutal murder of a young Chechen woman.

The 37-year-old colonel admits killing Elza Kungayeva. Nationalists and army veterans portray him as a war hero who is the victim of a Western-inspired plot to discredit the great Russian military.Pavel Felgenhauer, a military analyst, said: "Russian society is in the grip of nasty nationalism and anti-Chechen feeling. They say: 'He's Russian, he can't be a criminal.' They think the only way to deal with Chechens is to kill them."As the trial resumed last week after a break for legal wrangling, crowds gathered outside the courthouse to demand Budanov's release.

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