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This group included ten professors (specifically, nine professors of physics and one professor of chemistry representing professors from Purdue University, Yale University, the University of Kentucky, and Vanderbilt University), two research scientists, and a lab manager.The above document contains a written record of their remarks about Professor Van Zandt in order of their presentation.Anatoli Fomenko, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, finds them fictitious and promotes an alternative chronology that often differs from tradition by more than a millennium [1].

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On the other hand, an accurate chronology would serve to help authenticate the visions, connecting them with other historical and biblical sources.

“Our discovery supports the idea that life emerged from hot, seafloor vents shortly after planet Earth formed,” said Matthew Dodd, first author on the study, which was published in .

“This speedy appearance of life on Earth fits with other evidence of recently discovered 3.7bn-year-old sedimentary mounds that were shaped by microorganisms.” Prior to the UCL paper, the oldest microfossils were dated at 3.46bn years old, found in Australia.

You can read details about the historical context of this article by Professor Van Zandt in the "Proof by Astronomy" chapter of A Summa and Encyclopedia to Maria Valtorta’s Extraordinary Work, which can be downloaded here.

You can download a scan of the original article of Professor Van Zandt here.

Florin Diacu is professor of mathematics at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and University of Victoria. DOI: Some ancient and medieval historical dates we learn in school may stick in our minds: 1193 BC (the fall of Troy), 753 BC (the founding of Rome), AD 1 (the birth of Jesus), or AD 1066 (the battle of Hastings), to mention just a few.

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